About Us

Hamadan Glass Company was established in 1975 and the first production line commenced working with annual capacity of 40000 tons in 1982. Due to the increase in demand for glass containers in the country, especially the containers which meet the international standard qualifications, the company established its second furnace with annual capacity of 35000 tons in 1999. The company has been manufacturing light and semi-light glass containers ever since, using the P&B system (Press & Blow) for jars, B&B system (Blow & Blow) for bottles, NNPB system (Narrow Neck Press & Blow) for light glass.

Hamadan Glass Company with 7 production lines and two printing machines equipped with modern advanced technology is one of the largest producers of glass packaging containers of food and beverage industries (bottles and jars) in the country. Hamadan Glass Company due to reconstruction and renewal of equipment of plant No.1 in 2004 as well as promoting product quality, was awarded the Appreciation of National Production Festival. And also on the Mining and Industry Day of 2005 Hamadan Glass Company was awarded the Appreciation in the presence of former president and from former Industry Minister, Mr. Jahangiri. Also in the years of 2008 and 2010 to 2012, 2015 and 2016 was chosen as Top exporter in the province.

"Negin Khavarmianeh" (translated to Jewel of the Middle East), the new and modern unit of Hamadan Glass Company with annual capacity of 93,000 tons is now under construction. It is predicted with the operation of this unit, 4 production lines will be added and also it is a very important and essential step in order to meet the needs of domestic and national markets of pharmaceutical glass, bottle and jar.

Hamadan Glass Company is certified in IMS: Quality Management Standard ISO9001:2008, Environmental Management Standard ISO14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard OHSAS18001:2007 from BRS company.

Part of our products now include: different kinds of bottle for lemon juice, syrup, water, alcohol, distillates and oil, soft drinks, milk and different kinds of jars for ketchup, jam, pickles, tomato paste (at different volumes) and the ability to produce any special order on request of glass, glass-style dishes with maximum diameter of 178mm, and a maximum height of 325 mm and a minimum 60 mm and maximum ring 120 mm.


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